One of the greatest honors of my life was to serve in the Navy to protect the citizens and freedoms of this country. But Washington has to do more for the brave men and women putting their lives on the line and the families at home that support them.

I am going to be a leader in standing up to this congress and administration that seeks to undermine and dismantle the VA. No veteran should have to wait for medical or mental health care services. I am committed to bringing the VA into the 21st century by improving the technology infrastructure and also expanding services provided.

As a country we also have to commit to making sure our veterans can return and find good paying jobs. Through my ten years of active duty I witnessed first hand the unique skills that men and women of the military develop. I want to make sure that we have people in Congress who will invest in connecting those skills to the American workforce and create prosperous economic futures for the people who so fiercely protect this country.

I also know first hand the toll that service can take on military families and we as a country need to do better in supporting them. As a Congressman I will work to increase access and affordability of childcare and also commit to family leave policies. We also have to commit to supporting and expanding career opportunities for military spouses at home to ensure they have their own economic freedom.

I refuse to sit back any longer and watch Washington disrespect the brave veterans of our country and my brothers and sisters in arms.