Ready to Serve

Raised in Jersey, Trained at Annapolis, Ready to Serve America

This is a New Day for Democrats and we must focus on kitchen-table issues and assure voters that we want government to help all people. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and after serving 12 years active duty, I’m ready to serve out of uniform. America needs servant leaders who can unite people at a time of great division. I’ll go to Washington and stand up for:

  • Safety for every American when they are in school, church, or public spaces.
  • Health care access and affordability for all, no matter their age or upbringing.
  • Equal opportunity to have a prosperous career in the 21st-century economy.

This campaign does not take money from corporate PACS.

  • “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” These words have been enshrined in our Constitution for almost 100 years. Women now have the right to cast their ballot, but still don’t have full control over their lives and their choices. This morning, I heard the voices of women from our district tell their stories about strength, perseverance, and how far we as a country still have to move. I am committed to honoring those voices and representing them in Washington, DC. Women of New Jersey 04 deserve to be heard.

Thank you again to Claudette Herring and Lauren Phillips &
Women Vote Welle: A Celebration of Women's Rights Leadership Panel for hosting us this morning and to our esteemed panel of Mary Gatta, Gilda Rogers & Meghan Reynolds for sharing their stories with us this morning.
  • Building a new generation of leaders! Thank you for having me on your “What's Next Workshop for Activists & Candidates” panel Asbury Park Democrats and @monmouthoceandemslgbtq  Democratic Caucus!
  • It’s a beautiful morning for a run in Bradley Beach! We are out here with Governor Phil Murphy, First Lady Tammy Murphy, Mayor Gary Engelstad, Councilman John Weber, and the Jersey Shore Running Club! #RunWithWelle
  • We are filling living rooms with the passion and excitement needed to bring the #BlueWave to NJ-4! Thank you to Hutch and Pat Hutchinson for hosting us. #TeamWelle #WelleForCongress #FlipThe4th
  • When it comes to defending our Democratic values, Josh isn't afraid to walk straight into the lion's den. ‪LIVE on @FoxBusiness today: “This is a time for new leadership. At the #WelleForCongress campaign we are committed to unifying people at a time of great division...People want everyday families put first, they want problems solved, they want to be united not divided.” ‬
  • My promise has always been Service First. I am honored to spend time speaking to constituents of central Jersey and can't wait to continue this movement with you. Thank you to  Dan Schubert, Jeff Martin and all who attended. #FlipThe4th #TeamWelle #WelleForCongress
  • Thank you so much to Des and Nick Manatos for hosting us in your home yesterday afternoon. The support for this campaign is only growing and we are so excited to be meeting and speaking to people all over central Jersey! #TeamWelle #FlipThe4th
  • Great night at the 42nd Annual IAATO Italian Festival in Ocean Township!
  • Speaking to the people who live and work in district is the most important job a congressperson has. I love getting the opportunity to speak to people all over central Jersey... Thank you for a wonderful morning, Lakehurst Diner! #TeamWelle #WelleForCongress @votevets
  • Staff night out where it all started! I am beyond grateful for this incredible team and their tireless commitment to keeping this country on track. #TeamWelle is ready to win in November!

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