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Veteran, Educator, Business Leader

The choice is ours. We can march towards prosperity, or go backwards. Before we were Democrats and Republicans we were patriots, fighting for a representative democracy. Now, too many people don’t trust Washington. I’m running for Congress to restore faith in government and revive the American Dream through modern economic policies. I’m prepared for this challenge because I’ve been protecting America’s Constitution for years, in and out of uniform. Raised in a digital age, I started a small technology business. I won’t, and you shouldn’t, remain idle when our nation is threatened by enemies within and beyond our borders. Children deserve a great education, a new economy career path, a protected environment, and a trustworthy justice system. Get in the game. Support this campaign and show the world that America is still a beacon of hope in the world.

  • Standing room only at Tuesday night's debate. Thank you to the Monmouth County Democrats and Ocean County Democrats for putting this together, and to Senator Vin Gopal for opening. And for everyone who came out and joined us: you are what democracy looks like. Let's get to work. Let's go. #FlipThe4th

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  • Thank you to the @monmouthcountydems and Ocean County Democrats for putting together tonight's debate. Thank you to Senator @vin.gopal for opening. It was so inspiring to see how many people are so passionate about this election- tonight was standing room only! #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike
  • Saturday was spent driving around the district meeting  new people with my team, and it was a great experience. Thanks so much to the Liberal Progressives of Seabrook Village for having me. #NJ04
  • I had the privilege of meeting with Bill Hughes. Bill fought at the Battle of the Bulge. His dedication and service is an inspiration to so many, and I'm thankful for his time and his story.
  • "My heart is in the public good." Wonderful meeting with the @RedBankDems tonight. Thank you for inviting me. #FlipThe4th #redbank
  • Energizing evening with the @rutgersdemocrats Thanks for inviting me to campus!
  • “My call to service is in direct response to a gridlocked Washington and a divided country that is becoming more divided. We have a responsibility to preserve the American Dream for all citizens.” In the 1970s, over three quarters of the House and Senate had military experience. In 2017, only 19% of the same group were veterans. This has paralleled a decline in both bipartisan cooperation and public confidence in our elected officials.

Welle is part of a new generation of veterans and politicians. 2018 voters are different, with new ideas and priorities, than when many lifelong politicians currently in office were elected. Veterans such as Welle represent this new generation of Americans who believe they can do so more effectively and on a larger scale in public office.

Josh hopes to prepare New Jersey to lead in today’s society. Modernizing infrastructure while creating economic growth, creating an affordable and sustainable healthcare system, and ensuring Americans are safe at home and abroad are issues he plans to take on. Leading the international efforts to combat climate change and terrorism are also important in his campaign. #Veteran @VetCampaign @withhonour @WithHonorFund #SecondService #NJ04
  • New friends, warm coffee, and a real hands-on way to bring about change to our community and country. Have you ever canvassed before?  It's a lot of fun. Check out the link in our bio to get involved. Here's a shot of some our awesome canvassers yesterday. #TeamWelle #FlipTheHouse #VolunteeringForDemocracy #WelleforCongress #JoshWelle  #Inspiring #bluewave
  • Thanks to all who join us for our town hall in #Neptune! #NJ04
  • "Come on, Josh, your solutions for creating jobs are great, but we need more stickers if we're going to #FlipTheHouse." Jerett and Josh Welle For Congress share a moment over stickers here at the Town Hall.  #flipthehouse #joshwelle #welle4congress #district4

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