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Veteran, Educator, Business Leader

Josh was born in New Jersey and raised in Monmouth County. He spent twelve years in the active duty defending America abroad and is now ready to protect New Jersey’s interests here at home. Josh is prepared for the challenge, having deployed to Afghanistan to rebuild their economy and having served as the CEO of a small business. He stands ready to increase the number of 21st-century jobs, make healthcare accessible to all, and advocate for sensible foreign policy. Josh will be an innovative and bipartisan leader in Congress committed to solving real problems facing New Jersey citizens.

  • Thank you, @bsfulton80 Sue Fulton, for your endorsement! "I’m endorsing Josh because he is going to protect and defend everyone in the 4th Congressional District," said Sue, who is a graduate of the first West Point class to admit women. "Josh and I share the same values from our military backgrounds: a dedication to service, to the Constitution, and to doing the right thing regardless the cost. And we need military veterans in Congress, people like Josh who have deployed into harm’s way, who have worked as part of a team to achieve results.” Sue Fulton further explained that now is the time for building bridges. “We need leaders like Josh, who listen - who genuinely care about people - and then take action."
  • Thanks Wall Township Democrats for the invitation to speak tonight! It was an incredible event. That’s what democracy looks like!
  • Thank you Pastor James Gates. “We are agitated.” Martin Luther King Jr. continues to inspire this nation.
  • On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks sparked a civil rights movement that changed our country and the world. She stayed seated because there was inequality in her community and she was not going to take it anymore.

Her defiant act was strategically performed under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a new pastor serving an Alabama congregation plagued by racism. Dr. King then became president of the Montgomery Improvement Association and pioneered tactics of nonviolent protest for challenging segregation in the South.

In 2016, I visited Montgomery and was struck by the proximity of opposing historical monuments. Across the street from the Rosa Parks bus stop is the Winter Building, the Confederate government’s first location; there General Beauregard ordered the salvo on Fort Sumter to commence the Civil War. Halfway up the hill is the Dexter Avenue Church, Dr. King’s headquarters for the civil rights movement. Further upwards is the Alabama state capitol where Governor George Wallace, a pro-segregationist, advocated policies that prevented black students from accessing an education.

Dr. King fought for justice in a nation that extols the rule of law. He demanded equal education in a country that boasts the American Dream. He stood for peaceful disobedience against a government gone wrong.

Let’s learn from Martin Luther King. Let’s overcome adversity. Let’s be united.

Let’s go!
  • Blessed and inspired this morning!
  • Spent the day with our new First Lady @tammymurphynj , Congressman Pallone, Chairman Brown, Mayor Menna, and Councilman Zipprich championing better public transport and local businesses #NewDayNJ #NJ04
  • Spent the day with our new First Lady, Congressman Pallone, Chairman Brown, Mayor Menna, and Councilman Zipprich championing better public transport and local businesses #NewDayNJ #NJ04
  • We're going to win this, but first we need your help. Let's get to work. Let's go. Sign up to be on #teamwelle with the link in the bio. #flipthe4th
  • I’m running for Congress because this is a time when if you don’t step up and stop this country from going backwards we may lose everything my friends and I fought for when I was in Afghanistan and around the world. @INSIDER__NJ
  • TOMORROW: join me for the Tuesday Town Hall on my Facebook page. Don't forget to send questions! #flipthe4th

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