Ready to Serve

Raised in Jersey, Trained at Annapolis, Ready to Serve America

This is a New Day for Democrats and we must focus on kitchen-table issues and assure voters that we want government to help all people. I grew up on the Jersey Shore and after serving 12 years active duty, I’m ready to serve out of uniform. America needs servant leaders who can unite people at a time of great division. I’ll go to Washington and stand up for:

  • Safety for every American when they are in school, church, or public spaces.
  • Health care access and affordability for all, no matter their age or upbringing.
  • Equal opportunity to have a prosperous career in the 21st-century economy.

This campaign does not take money from corporate PACS.

I show up. I listen.

Chris Smith claims to work for us, but he refuses to show up to do his job here in New Jersey. He hasn't held a town hall for his constituents in 25 years. Join me in calling for our Representative to face me in a debate.

Add your name to demand that Chris Smith debate Josh.

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  • ‪#TeamWelle stands with women. #BeAHero #CancelKavanaugh #IBelieveChristineFord #IBelieveDeborahRamirez #BelieveSurvivors #BelieveWomen #IStillBelieveAnitaHill‬
  • Josh Welle is an Afghanistan veteran. “My message is country over party. Country over partisanship.” Let’s bring a new generation of leaders to Washington! #NJ04 #countryoverparty🇺🇸
  • Incredible support from @corybooker last night! Change is coming in #NJ04!
  • #TeamWelle is out showing support to Doc Brantley and Nick Williams in Neptune. November 6 is only 45 days away!
  • Starting our morning at @rookcoffee! Josh is being cranky...
  • At Chris Smith’s office yesterday joined by concerned families of #NJ4 to send Rep. Chris Smith a message. We stand for equality and inclusion. #FlipThe4th #WhereIsChrisSmith  #LGBTQVoteWelle
  • It’s time for a new generation of leaders in Washington. Learn more about our campaign, and check out the full video clip -  #NJ04 #countryoverparty🇺🇸
  • Teamwork makes the dream work! Thank you to our #WomenVoteWelle  volunteers and to Betsy Beebe for hosting this great event! Let us know if you’d like to join a house party near you.
  • Spent some time with seniors at Hamilton Steinert High School. The fire and the passion coming from this upcoming generation of leaders inspires me everyday. #TeamWelle #WelleForCongress #FlipThe4th
  • Hey Christopher Smith. You can't just ignore this one... Central Jersey is done with your backward and out-of-touch views. 📷: Drew Sheneman #BlueWave #WelleForCongress #FlipThe4th #TeamWelle

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