Central New Jersey is located between the two major markets of New York and Philadelphia. Within the state, CD-4 stretches from the state capital to the shore. I’ve watched businesses and residents suffer due to a crumbling and antiquated mass transit system.

To fix this and bring jobs back to New Jersey we need a comprehensive infrastructure bill, which is something both Democrats and Republicans can agree on yet there has been no action. In Washington, I will lead the charge to secure federal funding for the Gateway Project which will double train capacity and allow high-speed service between Philadelphia and New York, and beyond.

Fixing our infrastructure is not only essential to our economic future but for the safety of our families. Being able to travel safely on our roads and bridges is a peace of mind that I hope to give to the people of Central Jersey. It is also imperative that we make sure that we can give our kids safe drinking water. The degradation of our infrastructure here in the 4th district has led to a crisis in places like Hamilton where the drinking water has become all but toxic.