Too many businesses and residents are leaving Central New Jersey because of the rising cost of living, the difficulty working families face to get ahead, and the number of hurdles to run a small business. As a former small business owner, I understand the challenges involved in starting and maintaining a small business in America.

New Jersey is a leader in innovative technologies. We have to continue to invest in our communities by attracting new industries. To do that we must invest in infrastructure and worker retraining programs. In Central Jersey, we should be the epicenter of a world in which our young people are learning skilled trades while our older generation has the opportunity to retrain in exciting fields like automation.

Making it easier for the people of Central Jersey to start their own business is a reason I want to represent the people of the 4th district. We have to start by allowing entrepreneurs to defer student loans with no interest while they get their businesses off the ground. We have to cut all the red tape to streamline starting that business. And finally, we have to lower and stabilize taxes by doing things like removing the mortgage deduction cap on real estate taxes