I believe that every American has the right to go see a doctor when they are sick without having to worry about it bankrupting their family. Affordable, universal health care is a human right.

The Affordable Care Act was far from perfect but I believe we need leaders in the Congress who will work to fix what is wrong, instead of voting to strip millions of people of their health care. We have to work across the aisle to prioritize making sure people with pre-existing conditions are covered, that we improve the quality of care, reduce premiums and out of pocket costs, and drastically reduce the prices of prescription drugs.

We also need to support Planned Parenthood. For so long Planned Parenthood has provided quality care to the women of New Jersey, and in Congress, I would make sure it is fully funded.

For too long Congress has repeatedly voted to take healthcare away from over 400,000 New Jerseyans without a plan to replace it. I want to go to Washington to protect the health and dignity of the people of this district.