As a post 9/11 veteran, I have spent my life fighting to protect this country and the freedoms that make America a leader in the world. The safety and security of this nation and our people is an absolute priority.

Our first line of defense in this country has to be diplomacy. Prioritizing funding and staffing the State Department is essential. We as a country must keep our commitments to NATO and stand by our allies. We need a Congress who will stand up when our Commander-in-Chief allies himself with enemies of the United States instead of our intelligence communities.

Protecting our country and its citizens from terrorists is not a partisan issue. We have to stand together in the face of threats from countries like North Korea and Iran. The human rights violations and nuclear capabilities of these countries pose a direct threat to the stability of this world and therefore need to be met with strong military presence and a robust defense program to protect ourselves.

Uniting to protect ourselves here at home is also a must. In Washington, I will push for legislation that promotes innovative technological solutions to protect our networks here at home from foreign influence. We, as a country, also need to support our first responders, law enforcement, and intelligence officers by giving them the resources, training, and tools they need to keep New Jersey families safe.