Create New Economy Jobs, Stabilize Healthcare, Restore the American Dream

Restoring America’s promise

Like many of you, I believe one of the greatest problems facing America today is the partisan divide. We can restore confidence in government by electing principled leaders committed to the public good, not only political party. We should and must elect people with track records of solving problems no matter the obstacles. New Jersey’s economy and America’s standing in the world suffered under its current leadership. Witnessing the crumbling of our nation’s most precious institutions, I can no longer remain a bystander.

Career in and out of uniform

As a Naval Officer exposed to problems facing the nation, both inside and outside our borders, I realized my leadership journey would extend beyond the military. The Navy formalized my leadership approach and instilled the confidence to work for the broader public good. I left active duty so that my wife, Angela, and I could solve problems in business, education, and social justice. We have thus become involved in new initiatives to help people of all religions, nationalities, and socioeconomic levels. I started a software company to innovate in large bureaucracies using mobile, digital, and cloud technology solutions. Angela is a leader at a strategy consulting firm supporting government innovation.

Service over self

Those in the military protected the rights of all people, even those with whom we disagreed because America’s greatest promise is to be inclusive and tolerant of others. While I plan to be a principled legislator, I will not be one who adheres to personal ideology over what is best for my constituency. Within our district, I will listen, learn, and lead. My policies will advance smart tax reform, progressive healthcare policies, smart environmental policies, and economic growth through infrastructure and innovation investments.

Raised with Jersey values

My approach to service is grounded in my upbringing. Raised in Wall Township, New Jersey, I seized opportunities to lead at a young age. Whether it was Boy Scouts, competitive soccer, Junior ROTC, or working at Jersey Mike’s Subs, I motivated my teammates to do more. That foundation led to the Naval Academy, twelve years of active duty service, and a small business venture. I have a deep love for our country, unshakeable loyalty to my friends, and deep faith that if people work hard, anything is possible. My decision to run for Congress is based on a belief that I can best serve others, inspire civic participation, and use a life of good work to help build up those in New Jersey.

Mentoring students at Wall High School a decade after graduating from the program I helped preserve.

Working with the NATO Coalition in support of rural development in Helmand, Afghanistan.

Deployed with Sailors in USS Cowpens, protecting American interests in the Asian-Pacific region.