Date: October 28, 2018

Contact: Aubrey Fink, Communications Director





(Eatontown, NJ) On Saturday morning, a man stormed a place of worship with a semi-automatic rifle, yelling anti-Semitic sentiments. He fatally shot 11 innocent people and injured 6 more. This was the largest massacre of the Jewish people in the United States of America.


“This horrifying mass murder is yet another unconscionable act of violence,” said Josh Welle, New Jersey’s Democratic candidate for the 4th Congressional district. “We’ve seen the spread of hatred for too long and since 2016 it has gotten worse. Enough is enough, no more. The hatred must end and leaders must intervene. Anti-semitism and hate crimes have no place here. Government’s job is to keep families safe and it is failing. People can be safe by balancing individual freedoms with common sense gun laws. We must reassess why America’s public spaces, schools, and houses of worship are no longer safe from gun violence. In this time of division we need a new generation of leaders who will unite us, not divide us further from finding a solution. We need people with political courage to pass policies for a safer nation. These are people who prioritize safety of people over re-election and partisanship.”


Josh Welle puts country over party. He is an Annapolis graduate, Afghanistan veteran, Commander in the Navy Reserve, and former founder of a technology company. He was raised in Wall Township and is the Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District competing to unseat 37-year incumbent Chris Smith. He lives with his wife, Angela, in Monmouth County, New Jersey.