Date: October 29, 2018

Contact: Aubrey Fink, Communications Director





(Eatontown, NJ) On Thursday, October 25th, The Asbury Park Press hosted an editorial board with Josh Welle and Chris Smith, the second of only two events in which Smith agreed to face Welle during the 2018 Election. Thereafter, The APP once again endorsed Smith, and wrongly ignored Welle’s wartime military service and falsely attacked his private sector credentials and, in doing so, angered  many readers across the 4th District.


“For The APP to join Chris Smith and dismiss my service in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, try to discredit my private sector experience, and admonish my software company that I started with veterans is offensive,” said Josh Welle. “Chris Smith says he cares about veterans, yet demeans a veteran-owned small business (VOSB) operating in the new digital economy. Elected at age 27 in 1980, Congressman Smith has held one job in his adult life. He never created a business, raised venture capital, or hired staff to deliver a product. And the fact that The APP, who should conduct responsible research and report truth, would demean a business started by veterans and suggest I lack integrity based on unsubstantiated blogs is disappointing.”


Welle refers to multiple erroneous claims from The APP editorial board and subsequent reporting where The APP even had to edit their previous release after the Welle campaign sent over evidence that his business never owed $130,000. Attached is the paperwork sent to The APP that the company’s actual tax liability was paid in the amount of $1,107.75 and that the company was retroactively dissolved in 2017. Of the 60 minutes spent during the debate, 32 minutes were spent on accusations of each candidate, of which Welle was falsely accused on multiple issues pertaining to his personal life,  and not policy issues that most voters care about.


“In reading The APP editorial endorsement, it’s disappointing The APP dismissed Josh’s 12 years of active duty, earning three masters degrees, and then, as a veteran re-entering society, being able to start a business in the new digital economy. They ignored these accomplishments while simultaneously claiming that Josh tried to dismiss Smith’s legislative record and was condescending, despite being interrupted by Smith over 30 times,” stated Kim Maier, Welle’s Campaign Manager. Maier continued, “Josh spoke truth to power. I’d encourage readers to watch the editorial board, where the difference could not be more clear: Chris Smith is a career politician, part of a broken Congress, and believes he is entitled to the 4th District seat. Josh represents a new generation of leaders who will put country over party to get things done for Central Jersey.”


Josh Welle puts country over party. He is an Annapolis graduate, Afghanistan veteran, Commander in the Navy Reserve, and founder of a technology company. He was raised in Wall Township and is the Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District competing to unseat 37-year incumbent Chris Smith. He lives with his wife, Angela, in Monmouth County, New Jersey.