Democratic House candidates crushing GOP in fundraising
By MATT FRIEDMAN 10/17/2018 07:20 AM EDT

Good Wednesday morning!

We already knew Democrats had a fundraising advantage this year. But in my 11 years covering New Jersey politics, I’ve never seen anything like this cycle. In all five GOP-held districts, Democrats aren’t just out-raising Republicans — including the three incumbents running for re-election. They’re crushing them. Democrats in New Jersey’s six House districts that are considered competitive by the most generous definition — five of which are held by Republicans — raised $9.7 million to Republicans’ $2.8 million. Now, half of that is Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s $5 million fundraising lead over Republican John McCann, who has almost no money. But even without that the disparity is stark.

The saving grace for Republicans is that some are about equal in cash on hand. In Chris Smith’s case, he has much more on hand than Josh Welle even though Welle lapped him a couple times in fundraising last quarter. (Facing no real challenge for decades at a time allows you to gather a decent war chest.)

On the flip side, Republican Bob Hugin is out-spending Democrat Bob Menendez at the top of the ticket thanks to Hugin’s personal wealth. And Hugin is spreading that around, donating the maximum $37,000 to all 21 county GOP organizations. But everywhere else, the fundraising disparity is huge. Even after infusing his campaign with $800,000 of his own money, Rep. Tom MacArtrhur was way out-gunned last quarter by Democrat Andy Kim, who raised more than $2 million. And this, apparently, is the trend across the country.


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